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What if NOW was YOUR TIME? 

What if your dreams were in reach?  What if all this slow time was turned into creation time?  What if you surrounded yourself with a community of empowering and inspiring women who believe in you?

The last few weeks the world has gone CoronaCrazy! And overnight our worlds completely changed. Let's take a break from the isolation and homeschooling and dedicate a day to your DREAMS! I've put together a powerful group of women industry leaders that have successfully navigated life and business even in the most difficult of times. They want to share their hearts and business minds with YOU.

Join us for a full day of live interviews, talks, Q and A’s and trainings designed just for you! Watch from the comfort of your home or office, and give your business the boost you need to make 2020 the best yet!

One Powerful Day +Top Experts + No Travel + No Cost = An AMAZING Opportunity!

Reserve your spot, block the day off in your calendar, and get ready to implement!

What You'll Learn


How to "Corona-Proof" your business.


Tips for getting free business publicity, branding, and marketing.


Manage your money and mind to give you the peace of mind you need with your financials.


How to be a resilient business owner and face your failures without fear.


Best practices for creating, managing, promoting, and hosting your own online events.


Tools for managing stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and other self-defeating thoughts.


How to live your best life and pursue your dreams.


What it takes to master your public speaking skills and get booked for speaking gigs.


Close sales regardless of economic circumstances.


Skills to build wealth from scratch and have multiple streams of income.

And so much more!

Propel your year with these proven strategies.

Join us for a day of no-fluff, no-hype, highly effective life and business training.

Meet Our Team Of Experts!

Amy Walker

CEO - Amy Walker Consulting

"Women's Success in 2020"

Dr. Monikah Ogando

CEO & Founder- CEO Mastery

"What is Financial Literacy and Why is it Important? "

Renee Gambino

Founder/Owner - Renee Gambino LLC

"What is the Most Important Part of the Sales Process"

Dr. Cheryl Wood

CEO - Cheryl Wood Empowers, Inc.

"Time to Master Public Speaking and Presentation Skills"

Megan Knorpp

Creator - Knorrp & South

"How to Live Life Intentionally"

Cydney O'Sullivan

Founder - Celebrity Experts Network

"How to Make 100K Fast Working From Home "

Carol J. Dunlop

Co-Founder & CCO - CSI Corporation

"How to Stop Your Website From Killing Your Business"

Christina Daves

Founder - PR for Anyone

"How to Pitch a Story to the Media"

DeKesha Williams

CEO - Vizions Enterprise

"How to Promote Your Webinar: Tips for Entrepreneurs"

Jennifer Henczel

Founder - Inspired Influencers

"How to Change Your Mindset for Success"

Angela Bonfante

Founder - Bonfante Interiors, LLC

"What Does it Mean to Be Resilient as an Entrepreneur"

Dolores Hirschmann

Founder - Masters in Clarity

"How to Get Booked For Speaking Engagements"

Aurea McGarry


"How to Host a Virtual Event or Free Virtual Conference"

Kearn Crockett Cherry

Co-Founder - Success Women's Conference

"How to Host a Women's Conference"

Jen Dalton

Founder - BrandMirror

"How to Get Your Business Noticed and Increase Your Visibility"

Leslie Hassler

CEO - Your Biz Rules

"How To Expand Your Business Through New Market Development"

Heather Quisel

Founder & Owner - Heather Quisel, LLC

"How to Overcome Adversity in Your Life"

Leslie Householder

Author - The Jackrabbit Factor, Portal to Genius, Hidden Treasures

"How to Build Wealth From Scratch and Uncover Hidden Treasures"

Ashlee Miller

Founder & CEO - Ashlee Miller, LLC

"Stress Management For Entrepreneurs: The Importance of Self Care"

Aida Lawlor

Founder and CEO - Aida Lawlor, Lawlor Ventures, LLC.

"How to Get Rid of Scarcity Mindset"

Nicole Henry

CEO - Nicole Henry, LLC

"Money Mindset Training: 3 Tips to Develop a Positive Money Mindset"

Cheryl J. Moses

CEO - Mogul One Media

"How to Build Your Professional Brand"

Rebecca Hall Gruyter

Founder & Owner - Your Purpose Driven Practice

"How to Increase Your Business Visibility"

Angela Patrick Wynn

CEO - AngelWrite LLC

"Ways to Make Multiple Streams of Income Off a Book"

Chairidee Smith, Ms. Mogul® 

CEO - MoguLife Real Estate, LLC, Founder - Mommies Creating Economies, Founder - Mogul-U Real Estate Academy

"Feminine Power Mastery: Executive Leadership Training"

Vanessa Collins

Founder - Vanessa Collins LLC

"Can Anyone Write a Book? Lead Generation Examples For Entrepreneurs With a Book"

Sandy Goe

CEO & Founder- Women's Community Business Network, Santa Barbara Business Network & Expo

"What are the Motivating Factors for Entrepreneurs?"

Laseandria (Sean) Pounds

CEO - The Savvy Business Chick

"Entrepreneur Mindset: How to be a Great Leader"

Kristin Van Wey

Blue Diamond Wellness Advocate - doTERRA International LLC

"How to Stay Centered and Grounded"

Deborah Battersby

President/CEO - Success Matrix Coaching

"What Principles Contribute to Personal and Professional Success"

Heather Klepfer

Founder and Owner - MaxHealth Wellness Consulting

"How to Live a Long Healthy and Happy Life"

We Know You're Busy:

All sessions are streamed live, and recorded. We encourage you to join us live, but if you can’t, playbacks will be available. So don’t let a busy schedule stop you from getting the training you need.

Why Attend

The Women's Success Summit?



Learn from those who have been in your shoes


Join us from your home or office with zero travel expenses


Get the answers you’ve been looking for to grow your business


Make this your best year yet as you implement these success strategies

Let's come together WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN to sustain our businesses.

Meet Our Host,

Amy Walker!

Amy Walker is an International Speaker, Executive Business Coach, Radio Host, and Author. If you are looking for someone to tell you business is easy and that you can create a 7 figure business in the next 90 days, Amy is not your girl! Amy is committed to the process it takes to grow successful companies. Over the past 15 years she has coached thousands of entrepreneurs in sales, marketing, leadership and scalability.  Amy's no-fluff approach to business will leave you feeling like you've had a full course meal in business education. Amy is passionate about helping entrepreneurs create a business model that works, makes money, and doesn't take over their lives. She believes that business can be a platform for creating positive change in the world. Amy has been featured in Fast Company, Huffington Post, various tv programming, and often on stage inspiring and guiding entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking sustainable growth and profits. Amy is a mom to 5 boys, living in a town of 400 people in NE Georgia running a million dollar company. If you want to build a strong foundation to get your product, service, or message to the market, Amy is definitely your girl.